Eastern Region Armoury Course @ Royal Masonic School for Girls
Apr 28 @ 10:15 – 16:00

A basic knowledge of armoury is essential for all fencers and parents/guardians of fencers as it enables you to maintain your kit. Have you ever been convinced that you’ve scored a valid hit, only to find that no light has appeared on the box, or have you ever found that a white light has come on while you are fencing for no apparent reason? Need to tighten the grip or re-tape a weapon?This course will teach you how to solve these sorts of problems, helping you to be more successful as competitive fencers and saving you money by showing you how to fix your kit instead of buying unnecessary replacements! From weapon and body-wire fault finding to full weapon rewire this course will give you skills to fix your own or club equipment.

Eastern Region U18s All-Weapon Training Day @ Royal Masonic School for Girls
Apr 28 @ 10:15 – 16:00

So far the foil coaches have been confirmed as Dominique Szokolovics and Pawel Osmanski. The epee and sabre coaches will soon be confirmed.


Coach Bios:

Dominique Szokolovics

Dominique started fencing at the age of 8. By 13, she had fenced her first of five World Championships, and by 14 she had won the Cadet, Junior and Senior Women’s Championship Titles – a still unequalled feat in the sport.

Dominique also fenced at five European and five Commonwealth Championships and became the top-ranked woman foilist in the UK before retiring through injury. However, a recent return to competitive fencing saw her climb quickly through the ranks to be the GB Women’s Number 2 and the National Women’s Foil Champion again in 2014 – some 6 years after her last triumph, thereby completing her fourth victory at this level.

Dominique is now a full-time qualified coach, dedicated both to developing accomplished young fencers and to maximising their potential as well as their enjoyment of the sport.


Pawel Osmanski

During his fencing career to date spanning some 18 years, Pawel has been ranked 7th in the world, is eight times Polish National Champion plus a Junior World Cup and Junior European Champion.

He is a published author and practitioner in fencing-specific sports injuries, and an expert in Functional Movement Screening, as well as being a qualified and experienced personal trainer. He has numerous and impressive qualifications, namely both a Bachelor and Master degree in Physical Education with a Major in Fencing from the University of Gdansk.

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